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August 01, 2005


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Looks like i'm later than Chuck!!!

Well, i think i'm one of the lucky ones who' knows the anwer to this question!! wink. wink. =0)

How will you be when C leaves for Sweden? I hate when my family is in the next room, i can't imagine how you'll during this time.

I love these both so much.. but what else is new? =P

I'm always late to the party...

These drawings are of K. If it were C, she'd be looking her mother in the eye while her portrait was drawn.

Your economy of line is something I am striving for.

At first I thought that c is the little girl with the dress. She's got that sparkle in her eyes and k looks quite and introspective. Only if that is c how did you every get her in such a lady like dress and then I read your comment. They're the same beautiful daughter. Ok, now I can't wait to see the other one. What perfect models. And speaking of models, did you stop your model drawing for the summer? Miss those sketches.

Ha! Well, they're the same girl. I'm going to try and nab the other girl today or tomorrow and post a current and an old drawing of her for comparison. Thanks to all of you who commented.

I think it's K. Both lovely drawings, but they do look like different girls - as Terri says the girl in the blue dress looks as though she's itching to jump up. I presume from the title of the post it's the same daughter at different ages?

Beautiful drawings!!! I'm gonna say the one on the left is K.

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