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August 03, 2005


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Hah ! We must have gone to the same art school !!! I love watercolor and refused to paint flowers for years because that was just so "feminine" and I so wanted to just be an artist without gender considerations. Many moons later I have realized I am a woman and that is only a small part of my personal definition. I actually LOVE painting flowers in watercolor and you are so absolutley correct in that the thing to do is to paint as you like. Thanks..I love visiting you on your blog.

Kathleen In Saint Louis

Thanks, J, L, J, and C! Yes, Jonna, I'm in a blue phase, part of a yearlong color project I've been working on! C, I'm going to assess all that I've done this year, color- and sketchbook-wise, and see what I can do further with this material. Kind of fun to think about. Thanks for your interest!

oh that's so great to have them all together like that, and I'm wondering because of Liz's comment, have you had anything printed as cards ? (or book, as was suggested to Wally today)

What a great presentation when they're all together. At first, you might think they would drown each other out but they all actually look brighter and bolder as a group. That's a wonderful album. And I don't think I ever mentioned it but I do love the colors of your blog.

Wow-ee! Have you thought about making a poster? What a treat. I love how they look all together - I can just imagine a long skinny poster/digital print. (Signed limited editions? Hmmm.) Great fun.

Are you in some kind of (happy) blue period? I'm loving the blue you're using lately.

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