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September 05, 2005


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landscape architecture
structure----that's not cheating in my book! Beautiful sketch!

Harry, not to worry on any account. I have an idea of how your life is going at the moment. I can't believe what a spectacular drawing you did in the midst of it all!

Now, honestly, this makes me want to pick up the pencil!!!!!

I promise i will soon. I owe you that!

Laura, i don't tell you enough how much i love your work. I really do. I'm just soooooo tired of working so hard lately that i'm worried i'm forgetting all my friends.


Hi everyone and thanks for the comments. (I've been out of pocket for a couple of days.) J, no this is a Canson 7 x 9 sketchbook, the kind I've been using all year. Moleskines are too small for my hand to feel comfortable in. Yes, I'll take my sketch stuff to France, but it is the one place on earth that I almost prefer to just look and be than to draw. Almost.
C, I know I CAN, I just need to DO it ;D. There's an interesting point that Twyla Tharp makes in her book on just this topic (the subject of what we are drawn to make art about.) Remind me to tell you about it some time.

Well that's neat. Right across 2 pages. Is this a moleskine? I assume you're taking paints and pens and journals with you. We're expecting lots of drawings.

Good God girl! You know how to see!

It doesn't matter what you draw. You sound like one of those people that says, "I can't draw hands!" and they never do. Hmmm.... seen any hands in my drawings lately? :-D

You know what I mean. As Sargent said, "Paint what what you see, not what you think is there."

Wow, France. Now that's where the next get-together should be!

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