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September 02, 2005


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you know what they say about liver...."With Liver you live!" So long live liver!!!!;-)

Absolutely delightful! :-)

Hey it's a Disney movie, the Dancing Corkscrews. And love the splatter color. BC is fun isn't it.

What a beautiful, festive corkscrews!
Love the line and the dimension of the paper with droplets and this feeling of being in the middle of a party :)
thanks a lot for sharing your work.

Oh my god. I didn't know Niff went to Ringling. So did I?

Must go visit her blg now!

what a wonderful creation!
i love them
and they really do dance!
maybe it is just me but if i
glance back and forth from
one to the other
they "move"
sort of like a flip book
(i'm a teetotaler, by the way!)

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