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September 19, 2005


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Funny that even though you decapitated the one bear, it made for a very interesting composition. I think it's probably much better for it.

it's nice to see a little bit of your trip. philly has an art museum too you know.

The sketches are wonderful.

OH! the Bears are just amazing!!!! Clearly MY favortie of the bunch!

Wonderful. Love the nude on 4 sheets of paper. And the drawing on the plan? The pattern on the shirt is something else entirely. Surrounded by Matisse and no color? Next time. Oh, and poor bear.

Laura! These are great! Really, I'm impressed with the drawing on the plane -- having tried that, and failed miserably, it amazes me that anyone can draw a plane interior! Sounds like you had a great trip.

Thank you, you nice people, you. Wally, I wish I were not too shabby with a paintbrush today--bad day in the studio. Oh, well. Tomorrow.

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