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September 11, 2005


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hi - i look in here every now and again (from c'est chic) but have never left a comment before now

i love your sketches and paintings and i agree, you ought to get together with a food writer to illustrate a cookbook!

sounds like your wait-til-i-sketch strategy might also be good for dieting (wish i could hold back from munching the contents of the breadbasket before dinner arrives!)

best wishes,
urban chick

Love it~ really nice touch :-)

Great perspective and can I have a nectarine please?

sorry - meant painting not photo. Love the colours too. T

Excellent photo - and thanks for visiting my blog. You're going to France soon? Great stuff - I just know you'll have a great time. Take lots of photos and post them here.

This is great! Now, I have an urge to run and try making that salsa as well. The drawing is wonderful--I can almost smell nectarines looking at it.

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