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September 28, 2005


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I'm so sorry, L. I haven't visited for a while (I do most things in batches) and didn't know about your loss. The love you had for your dad shines through your wonderful portraits of him. Take care.

Such a tribute to one who inspires your beautiful work. As Wally put it ...I also fear the loss of our father, and I hope we will be able to honor him in such a meaningful way. Thank you for sharing, and hope you find comfort in our caring.

So sorry to hear about your dad Laura. It sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful father.

Thank you for sharing something so deeply personal.

though these words may not do much to make you feel better, know that i'm very sorry for your loss. my thoughts and hugs are with you whenever you may need them.

i am very sorry, laura. memories are immortal though. :)

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