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September 22, 2005


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Thank you, dear BdJ.

I love the drawing of the house in the dusk! It has such a somber character, almost enticing me to step inside the drawing and walk closer and closer, feeling a tinge of fear with every movement. Wonderful!

Of course, the interplay of light and shadow is what makes these especially fascinating.

Thanks, you all! R, I like the first one and the second one, because I love drawing in the dark. Really. I'm odd that way. Well, in other ways, too.
Amanda, you call me drippy and southern. Niff calls me retro. It's enough to give a girl a complex ;D.
Flannery O'Connor

L, I love the first one, it is so dark & atmospheric, or something.


thanks for including me in with such impressive company, yourself included. These are wonderful. I love your sketchy pencil work. They feel so drippy and southern. You are lucky to have such beautiful architecture in your area.

keep going. These are great, really.


I changed my mind. My fave is no. 3. And I'm not sure my little wc is deserving of the company I'm keeping in this post of yours Laura. :-)

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