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September 23, 2005


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I like these a lot. I don't see you doing the 'Friday Illo', but they could fit the current theme of 'Fresh', as he's getting all fresh and clean, and the blind contour adds a freshness to it, too...

L, i've been sick lately and haven't surfed the last few days. I really love these!!!! and i love that you're so bold with your approach too. I could never do this.

Thanks for making me feel better.

Big Harry =0)

That's hubby, isn't it? Does he know you drew him in the shower and then shared it with the world.

Did Wally's pubic hair drawing get you thinking about this? :-D

Terri, sorry to have disrupted your computer lab ;D. And thanks for commenting, Janey, Tom, Cin and Maggie. Cin, you're the one who gave me the idea of drawing someone in the shower!

Here I am away from home, feeling homesick, so I check in on my arty friends and make a fool out of myself chuckling in the "oh-so-quiet" computer lab. Thanks for the giggle Laura. You always come up with the best BCs. Great fun.

Well I can see the gentleman was having a lathering good time, how about you, I think I would have dropped my pencil and...sorry I digress!

Great job on the illustration!

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