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September 15, 2005


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this is hillarious and beautiful drawing - I am completely in love with this oatmeal life!

Excellent! I love the different stages.. I'm going to have to try something similar.

Thank you, Paula. I know that drawing as much as I've done this year is really improving my skills, and the blind contour exercises are part of that. I'm sure they help.

I'm late on the comment bandwagon, but just wanted to agree with the others that these are so fun! It's obvious you are enjoying this process. Are you sensing it strengthening your drawings skills in general? Looking forward to the next 'un!

Thanks, you all---I like doing the running water. I first did that in my bathtub drawing and had to draw it again, it was such fun! Seeks,you and I were inspired by food and Wally was inspired by something else. But then, Wally IS something else ;D.

I'm having sooooo much fun watching you all do this. That bowl is tooooo good. =0)

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