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September 07, 2005


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I like the oriental feel of this composition. I agree that purple alone can be treacly, but there is something powerful about this shade. It is rich and saturated.

Thank you,Ty. I just checked out your blog and I'm very impressed with all that you do!

your drawings are an inspreation.

*gallic shrug* ha! xoxo You may not like purple, but it likes you.

im not the biggest fan of purple myself. mainly because i always think it's blue until i'm met with a chorus of laughs. :)

Oh laura, my pal! I have felt the very same way about purple for years. I hated it as a child merely because if you liked it you were def. a girl. (of course now all has changed with the raves football team..boys now like it too) ANYWAY, it is brilliant subtlety hinted at in shadows, but when its too strong, it can be..well..too strong. you however, make me like it! good job.

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