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September 07, 2005


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Thanks, Niff, Wally and Big H! Wally, I'd thought of that word, too. It certainly is apt. And, yes, certain things are better left undrawn. Niff, you and Harry like the same thing I do--that prickly sweet gum ball ;D.

Wally... he's just so observant...

I've think the gumball is the best... it brings back so many memories of gumball wars with me friends growing up. Ricky, Ross, Davey, Ken and fat freddy. ah, the good old days.

this could be your "detritus" series. Very cool. I see, however, that you're careful not to capture everything you see on the ground related to walking your dog.

I love that thistle thing. shadow, form, texture, light and color. love love love it. ( the rest is amazing too, i just picked a favorite.)

*curtseys to L and T* Thanks, you two ;D. Linda, I can't wait to see your version of magnolia cones!

Laura, you're so cool. You and your American Still Lifes. Take that, boring Dutch with your milk pitchers and oysters on artfully rumpled silk!

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