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September 01, 2005


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Linda, you funny woman ;D. As if you needed anyone to teach you how to paint! But the yellow is ochre and the purple is a pan of dioxazine purple (I think) but done wet on wet with cobalt, and a tad of cerulean. Terri, thank you so much for always being so encouraging. K, it is just my natural mimetic talent.

Okay, so, if I quit my job, sell the house, and kennel the kittie, doggie, and hubbie, can I move there so you can TEACH ME TO PAINT LIKE THIS????
Seriously -- this and the last one are my favorites of all I've seen you do, I think. (I don't know -- I like everything you do, but the colors on these just blow me away!) What IS that yellow you used, and is that a purple from the tube or did you mix it, and can I have your autograph...

Um, how do you fake being a dog walker without a dog in tow? Did you have one of those 'state fair' invisible dog toys with you? You MUST try that some time and report on your findings!

Laura I so admire the way you create texture and depth in a drawing by using colour and line. LOVE the lichen. :o)

Well, I've got a half-done pre-dawn building, will that work? I just made a deal with D that he'll walk the dog on Saturday am so I can finish that sketch. I'm excited about doing more of these predawn things and if that proves too hard to arrange, I'll just do weekend daylight ones. There's some great architecture around here! (I think what you're kind of remembering is I said I'm NOT good at architectural stuff because I've never done much of it, never been very interested in doing it--but I want to remedy the situation.) So, what about you and gorges---done much of those? :D PS I should have something to show by Sunday or so!

This is great, but I want to see the building you were drawing. You have made mention of doing architectural work in a few places lately.

I tell you what, I finish my stupid waterfall if you post your drawing of that building. :-)

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