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October 06, 2005


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Thanks so much, V. I hope you had a great weekend.

I am glad that C. is back home! My best wishes to her, and I hope that you both enjoy the event.

Thank you so much for commenting. Wally, it IS miraculous how drawing helps and I don't understand why either. Linda, Karen and Lindsay, I wish you luck in coming to terms with the distance between yourselves and your children.

Laura, how wonderful that C got to come home! I'd wondered if she had cut her stay in Sweden short this past few weeks. And I kind of know how you (and Karen) feel -- my own daughter lives away in Florida, right in the path of all these nasty hurricanes...

Glad you're back and in the swing of it.
We are going to be bidding our own daughter goodbye for 6 months in NYC in less than a week. I can empathize with your pangs of longing for C.

if only the gentleman knew what a wonderful reunion this little drawing of him will be a reminder of.

I appreciate more and more how fantastic a thing drawing is.

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