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October 27, 2005


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what a neat idea. I'll have to try and do a BCD while watching t.v., especially news anchors who just kinda sit there, right? You got so much detail in this one. Super!

Thanks, everyone. Karen, I can't remember who the other two were now, but one of them was Chris Matthews. High (cough) foreheads and combovers are definitely de rigeur for male news talkers.

Hi! I enjoyed your BCD post! Great job! :-)

an "amalgamation" bc, love that idea!

Good choice for a BC, I like that you've added the crawl, too!
I'm trying to remember my MSNBC guys to see if I know who it is - is Brit Hume on their station? It looks sort of like him

hey, i thought i just posted a comment, but it wont let me. i shall try again.

This is so awesome. it really made me smile!

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