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October 13, 2005


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lordy how I love he's sitting in a garden of giant Hershey kisses shaped bushes, a fantastic BC!

Thank you very much---or merci beaucoup as we Parisiennes say ;D. I felt like such an idiot sitting on a bench doing a blind contour drawing in a crowd. I could just hear the whispers in 7 languages about how that lady can't draw very well, Maman.

I recognize that thinker!

Fantastic - I love your BCF.

This is lovely, hardly looks blind contoured! I recognised the statue immediately. I love those loose and flowing lines you use, every mark is so definite and sure of itself.
I like your other Paris sketches too...Paris is my favourite place in the world, hope you're having a lovely time!

Just marvellous and what bcdFriday dedication!! :) I'm enjoying your beautiful drawing so much Laura - I hope you're enjoying doing them as much as they seem to convey. They have such sparkle.

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