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October 30, 2005


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i'll help kidnap them for you laura. i really will! just tell me when and where...

Niff, WE were sorrier that you missed it than you could ever be! Jenny managed to hold it together for the redheaded contingent in their twenties, but still. Marcus held it together for the tall young guys, but still there, too.
Next time we are kidnapping you two and that's that.

So sorry sutter and i missed it. my cold and his brocken foot- looked like we just weren't supposed to go. until next time!

Thank you, Lynne. I've sent you an email.

Well, some things never change. I am still jealous of Wally. It looks like you all had such a great time. Anyway...I'm s'posed to tag 5 people...so, lucky you are the first. I don't know what happens if you don't do it...sort of like a chain letter, huh?

Seeks, I'd LOVE to meet you and your buddies, Niff and Sutter! We'll plan better next time.

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