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October 25, 2005


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I love brussels sprouts. The first time I ever saw a picture of the way they actually grow, on the stalk, I thought they looked like alien vegetables from outer space.

As does this! It's pretty good. With its curly little leaves rising up like arms, it also looks like something I had to shoot down in a videogame boss battle once.

L, hate Brussels sprouts; adore your drawing.

M, 'chou' is masculine - always! So it's 'mon petit chou' (you did ask). :-)

my favorite vegetable, yum, your sketch makes them look so appetising! (I wanna cook some now, slow oven roasted till carmelized)

boy oh boy if I was the gallery I'd be very happy to accept your sketch/watercolor kind of painting anyday!

God, I love these commenters. A little bit of picking up from them and I'm feeling fine.
By paintings, I mean not these watercolor sketches, just to clarify, but bigger, more pretentious (cough, cought)paintings on board.

Oooh... looking like some supermodel wearing a more outre creation by John Galliano :)
Ze puffball skirt she is coming back non?

Also - sprouts - yum :) But not until after a frost surely?

I think you are being way too hard on yourself. These look more like a goddess than a god....a sprout goddess!;-) Hope you are having a better day. I used to call my newborn daughter ma petite chuo chuo! She came out all red and scrunched up. I adore sprouts! but you are right. they have to be fresh

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