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October 20, 2005


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Beautiful! I adore all the Loire Valley châteaux (although I have visited none), but Chambord has always been my favourite. I used to draw it over and over as a child.

Wonderful drawings. I cannot believe that you're posting while you're travelling.

I have to be in front of my own beloved mac with my wonderful scanner and all the things I am familiar with to contemplate uploading pictures.

I love visiting your site; I need to remember to do it every day. It's such a breath of fresh air and beauty. Thank you for adding to the beauty of the world and being brave enough to share your work with the rest of us.

love and deep admiration

As I was looking at these, "Here Comes The Sun King" came on my shuffle play. The perfect soundtrack to these beautiful sketches.

L, so glad to see a trip update. Lovely pictures and can't wait to see the chateau.

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