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October 28, 2005


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They remind me of Japanese paintings of plum blossoms on black branches...

Liz, Chuck, Terri and other hinters--you will see the painting IF I get it worked out. It is doing its best to elude me at the moment. If this one doesn't work, I have a whole different direction in mind. Cross your fingers, please.

I LOVE this view from aloft - and the light and color here - spectacular.

(Can we hope for views of painting-in-progress in the future? hint, hint...)

I've never seen persimmons IRL, I don't think. They look very pretty. :-)

well that's a neat perspective. Now I have to go through a whole week's worth of your drawings and I do love WholeFoods.

The POV is really quirky. I like it. So let's see the painting you're working on???

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