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October 06, 2005


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i realize that i am posting this waaaay late but i just have to say that your Eiffel at night is spectacular. it's so simple but gives a very specific feel. don't worry though, it's a pleasant one!

I absolutely love those drawings! You're not "getting wonderful at them", you ARE wonderful! :-)

Hmm, somehow I missed seeing this last week, so this comment is a bit belated, sorry !

These are really great..I especially like the 2nd one of the Eiffel tower, the white lines on that textured brown look so striking.

i love all of these! wow, I'm really enjoying looking at architecture through bcd's more and more, they bring less noticeable features to the fore in a very special way (as depicted in all your bcd's). Your addition of colors (and the dark paper background especially) is just fabulous. Have a super trip!

Yes, Chenonceau is beautiful. Loire -is- a very beautiful region. Are you going to try the mushroom dishes in one of the caves in the valley where they grow the mushrooms? I think you should, if you have the chance. Have a great trip!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and good wishes for our trip. Our family wedding was today and I have tomorrow to pack. I'll be posting from France, I hope!

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