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November 08, 2005


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Laura -- this is just beautiful. It's really neat that being somewhere else made you see your own place differently. You are an inspiration!!

Laura, You make me miss your town and I've never been! Lovely fountain, colors ect.
BTW, the knickers are excellent!!! Makes me want to rush out and replace some of mine!

Glad to see you out there making it happen. I will always envy the looseness and confidence in your drawings.

This is such a lovely piece, serene and atmospheric. I love the juxtaposition of a bright glowing red tree and muted stone of the fountain. Well, we do live in "Paris of Piedmont," or just about. :)

Beautiful red tree. Love the sky and the water in the fountain. What kind of pen do you use? Does it bleed under the watercolor?

Thanks, friends. Cin, the heavy water was bothering me, so I twisted the eraser around a bit on some of those lines.

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