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November 25, 2005


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I just want everyone to know how proud I am of my maman. Everytime I see her, I swear she has gotten 2 years younger. A friend of mine estimated her age at 10 years less than it really is. She is so beautiful and so talented and so much fun to be around. I love her am so thankful that she is here to see me!

Laura -- have a wonderful time! I hope you get to see the aurora borealis, too -- if you've never seen them before, well, you're in for a treat. Can't wait to see your "postcards".

Have a wonderful and safe trip! I cannot wait to see your drawings from Sweden.

Laura, have a great time. I know you'll be happy to give that daughter of yours a great big hug. The boots made me chuckle. I guess there will be LOADS of snow. Look forward to your post.

Safe journey - looking forward to your daily postcard!

They look like nice sturdy walking boots. :o) Bon Voyage Laura! Enjoy the time with your daughter. Hope you have a wonderful trip. :o)

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