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November 20, 2005


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Man do I hear you! What an orgy of cooking. But you've made a really beautiful drawing of your stove. I'm sure its going to get mightily used, as will mine. Love the reflections in the tea pot.

Wow, very nice! I just watched a cooking show from Sweden on Sunday "Tina Nordstrom" - they do a nice Christmas over there so enjoy. Perhaps when you get back we can see the stovetop with some pickled herring on it.

You have made such a common place setting seem magical here.

Have fun with the cooking.

You do make every day objects look ethereal! This is such a special gift, dear L. Looking at your drawings first thing in the morning improves the rest of my day.

Laura, I am always amazed at how you can make the most mundane objects look beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving & a fabulous trip to Sweden -- that sounds like so much fun.

INCREDIBLE!!! AWESOME!!! The touch of color is so glorious it all jumps off the page -- such a delight!!!!! GOREGOUS!!

ENJOY Sweden!!

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