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November 01, 2005


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awesome laura! i also love drawing tea kettles, the shiny surface catching so much. you did an amazing job of catching all that reflected color. Then there is the cup and everything else that is amazing about your drawing. you rule. hows that?

What a beautiful drawing!

Hurrah for the bleeding - try it on damp paper - the ink in the pens often separates out giving off strange colour combos (esp cheapy markers - also they need to be water-based) - I was completely obsessed with this at one time - wonderfully random.

I have nothing to say but that this is cool. I like the blurry effect! Reminds me of the way things actually look before the morning cup of coffee.

OOOOOh I love the cup! Great colors!

Terri,YOU are a source of constant pleasure for me! Linda, yes, this is watercolor and the felt tip. Janey, that's a good idea about the BC! Thanks, you all.

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