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November 29, 2005


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I don't think I could stomach that many umlauts for breakfast but you go girl. I concur on the tree from above- it's reallly fabulous, it just captures something special.

I love all of these pictures, but particularly the street scene from above - the richness of the pavement, and the look of cold. The negative painting. Your mix of colors - nothing is ever only one colour. I'm just in awe.

Thanks, everyone---I'm really enchanted by this place. Wish I could draw practically everything I see.

L, I love the bikes by the canal in the snow. Lovely.

I think I'd cry if someone gave me that breakfast (but then I'm a sensitive veggie type LMAO)- I would expect cycling in snow would get you very fit! Lovely images Laura - thank you!

Oh, the breakfast sounds so delicious! I love that assortiment.

Christmas trees in the random places is what my friends who visited Sweden (and other Scandinavian countries) talked about. I was excited to see a drawing of one. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

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