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November 14, 2005


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Really lovely and rich in colors. I too love radishes (posted Sept. 6, 2005) though yours definitely are so much better!

Beautiful! This makes me want to eat radishes... almost.

what a beautiful sketch! Your colors are wonderful!

Yeah, they're just trying to suck up to her so they can visit her in NC or have her come to their house in Brooklyn. She's OURS, OK!! so just BACK OFF!!!

More, more, more please. hope you're feeling better chompers.

What? You get 26 frickin' comments for some radishes?? I get what? NOTHING....NuuuuTHING! Who are these people? Who's this Donna?....Elaine? (oh...actually...they're quite good, hmmm). You know why Laura? ..cuz you're nice, that's why. You're a nice person. Ok...and you're talented.

How could anyone not want to eat such beautiful objects? Actually I think the only reason I buy and eat radishes so much is the way they look - I'm never tempted by white radishes. Lovely rendition of their gloriousness.

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