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November 28, 2005


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Your daughter and I share a birthday - I turned 33 while in Paris on the same date. I did much less drawing than you, despite the fact that we had more light (sunset at 5 or so) and less snow. We spent a lot of time walking around outside, and by the time my fingers thawed, Wifey would be ready to head out again! Still, it was a wonderful trip, though I'm glad to be back in comparatively balmy California! I love these sketches...

Finally checking these out. I actually love that last one of the church - you got the curve so perfectly - hard for me. and I love how that lantern seems to glow because of how you colored it.

Thanks to all of you wonderful commenters! Wish you could be here with us in this dark and beautiful country.

I am very happy to hear that you made it there safely! Oh, the cafe and the room look so charming. Seeing these drawings is like hearing your voice. Thank you for posting them even during your travels. Lots of hugs to C.

Now draw your family in Sweden.

Once again showing us up with your blogging-from-a-distance skills. The cafe drawing really evokes what I think of as a Swedish style interior - lovely.

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