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November 30, 2005


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These are all so wonderful! Thanks for sharing; they are very inspiring.

What lovely drawings! I hate the cold so I feel for you, Laura.

I have a friend in Göteborg. Haven't seen her for 30 years. :-(

Laura, you are outdoing yourself!

The cafe window is wonderful. You did the lettering so well. How lovely to have candles burning everywhere. I'm really enjoying your sketches Laura. :o)

I love these drawings, which provide a glimpse into another world so beautifully! "Seared reindeer roast beef with pureed potatoes and wild mushrooms" sounds wonderful. Please have an extra helping for me, as I am working on my exams.

Stay warm!


4 beauties in one day, wow, love the pencil linework in the last two especially, the variety of your line wonderful!

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