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November 04, 2005


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Great BC laura! I totally agree with Terri. I prefer the BC version as well. What do you mean by 'local colors'?

oooh ... these look like so much fun to draw! I picked some up once and put them in my pocket to draw later, and then forgot about them -- until after they went through the laundry cycle. They aren't nearly as interesting after they've been washed and dried, and fabric softener simply doesn't live up to its promise on these things.
I love your BC drawings so much! :-)

lovely drawing. You really wouldn't think it was a bc.

Uhoh...there are "themes" for BCF???? Well, if that's so, I'm glad I didn't post this week's drawing next week.

You are just too wonderful! I am also liking this bleedy pen. you kick BCF butt Miss Laura! =)

Oh, and I could easily see Dr. Research thinking that BCF was Big Crazy Friday's or Fundays or Freakdays...eah?

Yes, I agree.. there's something very special about your lines. These are wonderful BCs, I like both versions

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