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November 24, 2005


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Donna, I wondered if anyone would spot that! It's one of the claw feet of the table. This table belonged to my husband's great aunt. It does look like someone passed out--or worse---under there.

What's that thing at the bottom that looks like... a hand? A small child hiding under the table perhaps?
This is a wonderful BC, and a brave idea to attempt such a vast subject.
The chandelier is great!

I like the colored one best. I can recognize the chairs and the flower centerpiece and I love those wine glasses.

Thanks, you all! The real room isn't as curly and baroque as it looks here--that's what blind contouring will do to simple curved lines! I do plan to do a sketchbook on interiors in 2006, so no doubt this room will be drawn again. Terri, if you look in the Blind Contour Drawings album to the left, you can see the drawing in full.

Great idea as usual Laura! I'd love to see you sketch this normally - they look like they must be lovely elegant chairs. It's amazing how unifying colour is to piece. Unfortunately I can't scroll down when I enlarge the thumbnail pics. Don't know why.. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

just great Laurrrrrrrr, love the blue stemware. There's somethng great about that post-repast table. Makes you feel satisfied and full and makes you want to go into the living room with a small cognac.

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