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November 01, 2005


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Janey, yes, Amanda and I painted on the spot. Wally colored his in Photoshop. Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone!

Hi. You might try Lulu.com. I bookmarked it a long while back, on the recommendation by a writer-friend. I've heard they are great for self publishing projects. This might work for you guys? Anyway, your enthusiasm is contagious. Good luck with it, all!

You can count me in!

OK people - we need to get Harry's ideas about our own publishing/marketing Art production company up and running and become very, very rich indeed. Let's get on it before someone else does....

Now that's a best seller. Did you have watercolor kits with you and painted them on the spot?

You think I'm Bossy Pants now---just you wait! Heh. Jenny gets two listings because she's way prettier than you. You've got a good personality, though.

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