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November 21, 2005


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Thanks, you all. Tania, these are regular pastels. I don't like oil pastels either. I don't much like pastels in any form, actually, but it is fun to shake yourself out of the tried and true sometimes.

Rain, blessed rain! We finally got some, too! I love your colors and your happy lines!

ha! It does look like pizza! Those are oil pastels or chalk pastels? I use chalk all the time but for some reason I find oil pastels really hard to work with.

I love seeing all your happy squiggles frothing together into forms. :)

oooh gorgeous colours - I don't see pizza - I see the kind of line you see in cave paintings - all fluid and movement... now if I tried that with pastels you'd just see lentil soup :(

Oh, I really thought that it was a pie (until a closer inspection, that is!) I love the mood of this piece and the patterns the rain created.


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