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December 31, 2005


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Ahhh I'm flabbergasted....if I converted all my spare time into drawing time, I'd get like about 1/8th of these things done. You are a dynamo!!!

Laura, I give ou thumbs up on the Paris Idea. In my dreams this iswhereI would like to be. So do this girlfriend a favor when you go do not leave out any moment everyday for me cause I'll be there if only in my dreams. Your new Year resalutions are about the same as mine for me to draw better and push myself. To make my own journal book would be the bes, and to draw everyday and improve myself like you have. Your work is wonderful and I'm so happy I found this site.

aahhh, the blog world remains hopefully bright
with Laura, her talent and her energy
among us!

(and your "fannys from heaven"/"bums from the blue" drawings and song must make the "Top Ten Posts" list of 2005!!)

Laura, what a great idea! Can't wait to see what the new year brings with art projects. I really like the idea of a whole book dedicated to a single theme.
"see " you soon

Thank you for sharing your goals, you have me some ideas to ponder. I especially love the Paris one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura -- THIS list is FABULOUS! I applaud you for your ambition!! Your artwork and attitude and friendship have inspired me and I know you'll continue to do so in 2006! GOOD LUCK with all your plans -- I AM SO looking forward to sharing your journey!

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