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December 18, 2005


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i LOVE amaryllis plants! perhaps i'm going to have to go out and buy one now...

they're so majestic!

beautiful pic (i have sent a link to your blog to my sis, who we're hoping will get back to doing some painting sometime soon)

happy holidays btw!


Thanks so much, J, L, A and C! Janey, I used a micron pen here, I think. I tend to use pencil more than pen, though. Chuck, I'm not sure--I'll check him out. I believe you've told me about his work before. Kisane, thanks so much for the advice. Chuck and Amanda have both told me I need a Mac, so I assume they're giving me one for Christmas ;D.

There is a big difference, for me at least. You have to play with a Mac to see. The OS for both are really quite different, with the Mac OS being more intuitive, I think. Also, software like Photoshop was built originally for the Mac and works better on it, more so then on the PC. I've worked with the Mac since the Classic. Now I use a PC at office (no choice!) but have this lovely silver bullet at home. Seriously Laura, got to your closest Mac shop and try one for a bit. You'll see. :-P

Hey there,
I'm trying to catch up. Those BCs you did are the best! And I always love your flowers. Have you ever seen any of Richard Schmid's flower still lifes? He treats them with 'respect' if that makes any sense. But I know you would love them.

wow! gorgeous!

Laura - excellent as always! You have a wonderful way with flowers, and I think you should write a book!

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