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December 21, 2005


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this is great!
I'd very much like to learn about your goals for the 2005 and for the upcoming one - this exercise looks like a great approach to some things I've been mulling around and I hope to learn from your experience. Keep them coming!
Nina / Apple-Pine

you are amazing L. it was such a joy seeing these as i am sure it was for you to create them.

Thanks so very much, everyone. I loved doing the color study and it has made a big difference in how I see the world. The mysterious hand is part of a marionette and not some errant appendage of my own.

Laura, I always feel like grabbing the pens and paints straight after viewing your work! You are SO SO SOOOO inspirational. These are great...can't wait to see more and hear your thoughts on your progress over the year.

I love the latest best. Of course I always love the latest of everything. And you cmpose everyday things so well. But may I ask where the rest of that body is? In the garden perhaps?

Goodness!! these are gorgeous
and yummy!!!
i want to gobble them up...
It IS really wonderful seeing them all
gathered together
and i agree with whoever posted it above
they would make a marvelous
collected work
you know,
between two covers.
i love them so much that they inspire me
and if i ever get time to breathe i want to
play with paints and paper

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