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December 14, 2005


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Thanks, my friends. Lydia, when you saw the Algonquin sketch, it had no color. I added that last night. I added color washes to some other sketches and the paper buckled so badly, I ruined them :(. That's what comes from not making your own sketchbooks like Amanda does or from not drawing on good paper in watercolor blocks, like I usually do. But now I have an Amanda-made book to use and to inspire me to go and do likewise. Yay!

Wow Laura, I told you already how much I LOVE your bees. But seeing the Algonquin sketch bigger and brighter on my monitor I see it with different eyes. Fabulous. Yes, a great perspective and you know what? I love all the little details of the more prosaic ceiling doo-dads. Didn't notice that in your book. It adds a touch of homey reality to the movie-set-like room.

wow L. I am in LOVE with that bottom drawing. your perspective is amazing, you hint of warmth and color...everything. *smile*

What fun bees! They brought an instant smile to my face. Glad you had a great time in New York!

These are sooo fun!
i love both yours and Amanda's sketches...must go tell her so too...

Wonderful. Wonderful. Sounds like you had a ball.

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