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December 11, 2005


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Hi Chuck--it is great to have your comments again! I didn't really teach C to draw but I gave advice when asked and I always gave both girls tons of art supplies. And they saw me drawing and painting, of course. At about age 14, C started drawing these incredibly sophisticated things--she's pretty fearless about it. My husband recently figured out that she has an uncanny ability to GET something, whether it is the sounds in another language (she's prodigiously talented in languages) or the look of a person, scene or object. Thank you for such a warm comment. And, yes, she got my mouth in its open and entranced state ;D.

BTW, she nailed your mouth.

That must be so gratifying for you. Did you spend time teaching her to draw as a child? Did she pick it up on her own? One of my sons has natural ability but I am always apprehensive about pushing him into it and therefore, am cautious about how 'formal' to be in his training. What did you do? Because I would be overjoyed if my son could produce a drawing of this quality.

Way to breed girl!

Thanks, guys. My daughter portrayed me in a very flattering light, of course---remember, I told you it was very dark in Sweden ;D.

Not much to add that hasn't been commented on above. Was also thinking of that "which one's the mother?" ad. Such talents, both!

Very talented and you are very cute!

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