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December 01, 2005


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These are ALL fantastic Laura. I love the red-capped elves. I have two little bisque Swedish elves I got on Ebay made by a swedish woman - I cherish them for Christmas. Precious. The busts are AMAZING Gustav is beautiful. Really well done. And the pig...what can I say about the pig-head? Wonderful, poor thing, you captured him for posterity, bless you.


Thanks, Laurent, Karen and Janey. Laurent, my sketches are too big for my scanner. And when I'm traveling, of course, I don't have access to my scanner anyway. I lament sometimes the quality of my posted sketches but since my pages are big, I'm kind of stuck with photographing them.

A real pig's head ... that must have dome as quite a shock - but what a great drawing it made.

Very nice! Do you have a scanner for your computer. I am sure your drawings would look even better if scanned.

wow, there are so many drawings to comment on. My favorite though is the display window and the pix of you incognito.

Thank you for your comments, all. It has been a wonderful week, no question!

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