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December 09, 2005


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Cin, I look forward to seeing what you do with figures. I'm trying to imagine and almost can! Same for you, Stephanie, it'll be fun to see your figure drawings ;D. Chris, that is exactly what I try to do---thank you for noticing. Wally, thank you. I admire your stuff so much that a compliment from you means a great deal. Andrea, thank you, too, for your sensitive and supportive comment.

Your line quality has a great deal of character and economy. That's rare. Very organic and balanced.

This is perfection. Something about the formal requirements of figure drawing contrasting with the variety and fluidity of your line creates a tension that is stunning. Too bad the NSPWNPT event never got off the ground. Your entry would have swept away the competition. I'll bet.

In so few lines you seem to capture all the subtlety of her figure. I'm sure there's some formal name for it--negative space?--but I find it interesting how you define her by the busier lines outside her body.

I love your figure drawings, Laura.
Back in art school figure drawing was one of my favorite classes - drawing "live" seemed to always yield work I was pleased with. Hm. There used to be an 'open to the public' figure drawing night at the university, I should check if they are still doing that...

beautiful contour lines and you're so good with proportions in a quick sketch (I find that so difficult!) I'm going to see if I can get into a class starting in January and practice.

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