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December 17, 2005


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thanks Laura, i had not checked out the other services
thoroughly, simply signed up with TypePad because
so many other artist's had
yes, in general i've been very pleased as well.
just my luck, i guess, that i got caught up in two of their
"growing pains" moments
just thought i should ask
very relieved to know that everyone else is
sticking with it.

Thanks for the sympathy and empathy. Finally, after two days the images are back in place. Z, I've been generally pleased with Typepad. I like its design options a trillion times more than the other blog services I looked at. I know they all have service problems, Blogger especially, but this is a long time for things to go wrong! Guess they got too big for their britches.

A pox on Typepad's house!

Oh poo ... I didn't post anything yesterday blind contour or not and I was quite puzzled to see other people's entries missing that I was SURE I'd read earlier ... I bet typepads ears will burn until the end of next summer lol I'm happy to stick with them - but then I've not had the probs some peeps have suffered (I wonder if US based blogs have been hit harder?).

i'm frustrated as well!!!
do we know if blogger has as many issues as frequently?
i like typepad's format, etc...but this is getting tiring
(i struggled last month with their tech issues trying to build another blog)

Me too, painful isn't it? Especially after I finally spelled contour right.

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