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December 05, 2005


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A gorgeous blind contour. I have a red piggy advent candle holder too, though I haven't found the small candles to replace last years' for it yet...
Yes - ham is the Swedish turkey :)

Thanks L -- pondered to no avail. Wish roast pig was a traditional Christmas dish here too!

Chocolate, did you say chocolate? They would never have made it home with me.

Pigs! I love them. Especially the little guy in the corner with the tophat.

You are such a cool mom to visit your daughter in Sweden in winter! Aw, my mom just came to New York once, when I graduated. I'm going to go mom-guilt her about it.

What is the Swedish landscape like, anyway? Besides dotted with random Christmas trees, candles, and pigs I mean. :)

Thanks to one and all! Robin, it is because roast pig is a traditional Swedish Christmas dish. I wondered, too.

Well, I am even later because here it is Tuesday...but always happy to see another Blind Contour, no matter what day it is.

Off to ponder why pigs would be big in Sweden at Christmastime...

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