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December 08, 2005


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Oh excellent! These are truly wonderful. Van Gogh is a great subject to Blind Contour, and your lines add even more angst and craziness to those paintings!!

He's very frisky in your drawings Laura ... looks like Sexay VanGoch "helllloooooo girrrrrls" lol. I'm SO going fine art next week :)

I don't remember, in the originals did the eyes look this fantastic? love them, the crazed look in the first, and the raised eyebrow (Vherlock Van Golmes!) inquisitive gaze of the second!

Laura, you lucky dawg! NYC and VanGogh! Can't wait to see. Lovely trip warm up too.

Ah, freedom of expression... it's a wonderful thing. These both look like you had a ball drawing them. Great to see the before and after colour versions too, thanks!

wow, these are fabulous. I love the colored ones especially. so lively and expressive!

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