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December 23, 2005


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While I yield to no one in my admiration for Cin, I have to say that the spare color in this particular instance is a function of nonwaterproof ink. You will note I had to stay within the lines or bleed. I bled a couple of times. It didn't hurt.

I happen to know that you are copying Cin with her spare, coloring technique....works here. Wishing you the best Christmas ever and ongoing art intrigues in 2006. I dreampt last night that we were all at a huge estate in Massachusetts in summer - an artists retreat full of wonderful never-ending ideas - let's have some of that in 2006!!! I hope I have more of those dreams manifesting in real life.

Love to you and yours,

Check out my 4 yr. old girls picture of santa in my journal.

Laura, love the little peek of tree in this. Just enough and it doesn't over-power the pressies. Fabulous as always. :o) Merry Christmas my friend. Here's to a fine art-filled, safe and prosperous 2006! (chilled, champagne-filled glasses clinking)

Oh I'm tired. Thank you for the oh so gentle reminder.

Thank you, my friends. It is a quiet sketch, done in a quiet moment. Janey,honey--it IS Friday. Just so you'll know ;D.

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