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January 24, 2006


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Thanks, you nice people, very much. Robin, I'm tricky that way. (But I knew from the outset that I wanted to do more than empty interiors, at least for some of the sketches.) Caroline, we're in the Year of the Camel, apparently. Amanda, I promised myself to do 31 interiors, so I have fewer days left than that! whew. Thank you, Elaine, my interiors buddy. Yes, Chuck, that's what I mean.

What do you mean by a "deep space"? Large area like an auditorium?

Bravo - your colour line is fantastic Laura - so descriptive - looking really confident and comfortable. Well done indeed.


oh I love the camel! you've got his graceful clumsy funny shape so well (love the feet!), at the museum there's a beauty, ceramic, tang dynasty, I attemptd drawing him once, icky results, (you'll see in sketchbook) I was too close, find that I do much better from a more distant view

which is why I like this interior so much, a wonderful close view, so difficult I find to see this kind of space, beautifully done!

lovely lovely. I know you hate this but you got it down girl. I can just see that big calendar on the wall marked off with black X's. "only 7 more days of this s*#t", says Laura

I love the selective use of color with the b/w (very 'Cin' - we like that)

cool camel!
love the hint of colors
i remain in awe of your stamina!
after all ...you are producing all of this marvelous stuff AND
getting on with life's other stuff!!
i need to go lie down!

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