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January 02, 2006


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The illustration of your husband is fabulous! So loose and I love the way his glasses are perched on his nose. You've defined the subject of focus and the details are so true. Well done! Nothing boring about these illustrations at all!

Thanks so much, Cin and Shirley. Shirley, I'm going to post something on that very topic tomorrow ;D.

I love your style and can't wait to see more of your interiors. They make me see the inside of your home and it looks so cozy. I hope that you won't stray too far from home for this series.

beautiful and elegant all, love your pencil work in the first two, and the so faint watercolor patterned rug with the more defined chair in the last, wow Laura a great start to your series!

Thanks for the encouragment, all. Grousing is part of the fun----and inevitable when you force yourself to do something out of your habitual range. Besides, every heroine of a story has to have obstacles to overcome!

Already having doubts, on the very first day? Sounds like me. Lovely drawings anyway, and I for one love interiors. Particularly when husbands occupy them.

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