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January 26, 2006


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I am in love with these pen and inks! How a person can create such an atmosphere or mood with black and white, blows my mind!

I love that swivel chair. My dad had one just like it in his office. I'd make myself dizzy swirling around it. And that thingy is so cute. My cats have a thingy and like most pet owners (or people owned by pets) I buy them new ones all the time. But they much rather drag a 15 yr old sock (really disgusting thingy) around with them.

I knew it! I just knew it!

wonderful chairs, beautiful composition, sorry to see the month end, looking forward to the last few grand interiors!

Hi everyone! Had to make a quick trip out of town yesterday, left early this am to return.
I just used a pen from Staples here---I think it was a Uni-Ball Vision micro---and a Pentel water brush. I'd first used this combo at my Photoshop workshop last Saturday, the "Inside the computer lab" drawing below. Couldn't be simpler or cheaper and yet it gave me such deep, rich tones! Linda M, you nut ;D. This IS a doggie toy, one of those stuffed, fleecy, dog- brain- idea- of- what- we- look- like thingies, or so the manufacturer must think. Yes, very gingerbreadmanlike in shape. The neoFreudians would call it a Transitional Object. I call it nasty--all that doggie saliva. Ick. Washing machine time.
Linda from Pittsburgh: finding a drawing class in your area would be a great way to start. Nicolaides 'The Natural Way to Draw' is a classic and one of the best drawing books I've ever read. Wally, shut up. Yes, Robin, food and dining stuff next!

Laura, great work today! Love the pen wash,what ink did you use. And what advise could you give a beginner artists like books ect.Have a great day!

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