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February 25, 2006


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Your cinnamon sticks and star anise came out particularly well. Are these ingredients part of your dinner party menu? I'm assuming you won't be including the doggy and cat biscuits? LOL!

I love this mix! Quite a range of colours and textures, which is very appealing. The star anise came out so well, and I can almost smell it by looking at your drawing.

Laura -- good luck with your dinner party ... I have to agree with the others - DO label the hor d'oerves!! LOL SUPER sketch ... and I DO LOVE how your do your lines ... just so free and lovely!

Doggy biscuits, fortune cookies and hot peppers? Hmmmm...quite an eclectic mix there my friend. Fun though. I'd be worried if I were a dinner guest. LOL. Hugs.

I hope you label everything for your guests. And what's the fortune?

It is a little scary that you have cat snacks there with the hot peppers and are planning a dinner party... Love the energy of these, the scribbly multicolored lines of the fortune cookie especially. Hope tonight is a great culinary success!

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