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February 10, 2006


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Laura, Just magical drawings the work from interiors really comes into play hear. Your work is truly growing. A lesson I should take a hint from. don't try to draw all at once master one object at a time and then draw all !!! So inspiring. Thank-you. Hope hubby and you have a wonderful time.
Pa friend,

Laura! Brava!!! and congrats. Your chiars and perspective are wonderful. Your husband!! so hansome. I did not he was such a young stud!;-) I'm back from my computer break and downloading today and tomorrow! Nice post to come back to.

Ça,est un dessin au crayon magnifique! Say "Bonjour" to Quèbec for me. It's half way across the country from me. I'm looking forward to many more drawings, mais oui!

I couldn't agree more about the interiors training. Doesn't that make you feel good?

Thanks for the very nice compliments, everyone. Chuck, you are silly---very nice, but silly ;D. It takes one to know one, of course. Robin, hush. He's not Methuselah, you know. Off for more adventures in the frozen, but sunny north!

Wonderful drawing. It has a great atmosphere and I like the composition.

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