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February 14, 2006


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Lin, you are so great---thank you for your unbounded enthusiasm ;D. Janey, thanks. I usually do ignore that center---just draw right across it!

Hey if the schools can call ketchup a vegtable, you can call a vegtable fruit. And those apples look delicious. And I do like the composition - how you just ignored the center of the sketchpad.

There is a lady who sits at a desk, a desk that sits in a building, a building that sits on some land, some land that sits in a town, a town that sits in a county, a county that sits in a state --

And a lady in a state of JOY every time you post your glorious sketches!!!

I'm that lady and I'm enjoyin the state your sketches put me in!

Thank you, everyone. R, it is true that these are more what I'd been used to drawing and are easier in a way, but I really felt good about doing those darned interiors. I learned a lot. Linda, I don't know that song, but I can imagine its telescoping lyrics;D. T, the interplay btw the qualities of the baskets and the 'fruit' interested me, you are right! Thank you for your lovely enthusiasm, as always. Z, thank you, sweet friend. Cin, thank you, sweet friend also. Interiors had the straight line/perspective challenge. Foody stuff has the ellipses challenge. It's always something. ;D.

I love these wire bowls, their shapes are wonderful and they look like such fun to draw. I remember the curlicue one from your orange book, it's one of my favorites of your sketches, glad to see it again, it looks great with the heavier black lines of the other bowl, a beautiful sketch!

i love it!...the "I promise" part of the family story...thanks so for this posting/sharing! i'm going to go look up that rhyme
consider yourself hugged

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